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✓  2 in 1 - Hair removal and skin rejuvenation

  From the comfort of your own home

  Suitable on any body part

✓  Visible results after a few treatments

  8 different intensities

  Safe and easy to use 

  Enough flashes for 12 years

The IPL LUX is specially designed to remove unwanted hair for a long time and painlessly from the comfort of your home. With 8 different light intensities and the futuristic, powerful design, ingrown hairs, irritations and bumps are a thing of the past. In addition to being easy to use thanks to its comfortable design, it is also safe and effective. Expensive laser treatments are unnecessary. 

In addition, the IPL LUX counteracts wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastic fibers to achieve skin rejuvenation.
With 500,000 flashes and a 3.5 c㎡ light window you can enjoy the IPL LUX for 10 years and a treatment only takes 10 minutes.
2 functions in a timeless and professional device. With the luxury of the IPL LUX, ClearSkin is within reach.