Money back guarantee

Are you not satisfied with the result? ClearSkin Products offers a 90-day money back guarantee after purchase on the ClearSkin Products IPL LUX. If you want to claim the money back guarantee, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Before using the IPL LUX, take a picture of the area to be treated. Use the IPL LUX for a minimum of 60 days and perform a minimum of 6 treatments on the same area.

Step 2

Use our IPL device exactly as indicated in the user manual.

Step 3

Take a picture of the treated areas after each treatment. You then have at least 6 before and after photos of the treated areas.

Step 4

If there is no noticeable hair reduction, you can send your before and after photos to to submit an application. Also include your order number. We will assess your application.

Step 5

When your application has been approved and the used products are returned in neat condition, you will receive the purchase amount back excluding shipping and return costs.


  • The photos must have a valid date stamp. A valid date stamp is a screenshot of the photo on your smartphone that shows the date on which the photo was taken.
  • Applications for the money back guarantee must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.
  • Use of the device for 60 days is required before requesting a refund.
  • Applications without valid date stamps on photos will not be accepted.
  • The money back guarantee does not apply to ClearSkin Products IPL LUX orders placed before 03/05/2021.
  • Applications that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.

The money back guarantee only applies to orders for the ClearSkin Products IPL LUX placed on our website.