What is IPL?

  • The IPL LUX uses the best way against hair growth, the IPL technology. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The hair absorbs the IPL flashes, creating heat, which then brings the hair cells into a resting phase and destroys them.

How often should I use the IPL LUX?

  • We recommend that you use the IPL LUX once every 1-2 weeks until hair growth is minimal. This is usually around week 8. After the hair is left off for a long time, we recommend that you use the IPL LUX once every 4 weeks to maintain the result.

When will I see results?

  • Most users see results after 3 to 4 treatments, with full results after 8 to 10 treatments. However, this is different for everyone.

Does it hurt?

  • One of the biggest advantages of the IPL LUX is that it does not hurt at all compared to other hair removal methods such as waxing and epilation. All you feel is a warm sensation when you use it.

On which body parts can I use the IPL LUX?

  • You can use the IPL LUX on any body part, including your bikini line and face. But don't get close to your eyes!

How long does the IPL LUX last?

  • The IPL LUX is very durable. With 500,000 flashes, you can use it for up to 12 years.
Is it safe?
  • The IPL technology has been used for years and there have been worldwide studies that have proven its safety and effectiveness. This has made it an extremely popular hair removal method.

Does IPL work with all hair colors?

  • The IPL technology is based on melanin in the hair that absorbs the IPL flashes. Gray, red and light blonde hair has too little melanin, so the IPL technology will not be effective. Check the hair color table to see if your hair color is suitable. 

Does IPL work on all skin tones?

  • The IPL technology is not suitable for very dark skin tones. Check the skin tone table to see if your skin is suitable.